The village of Venerato

The name possibly comes from the Italian word “venerato” that means respected. It is said that the name was referred firstly to the Paliani monastery and then to the village.

Venetian Era

1204 AD – 1669 AD

Venetian flag

In 1212, Venetians began to settle families from Venice on Crete.

The coexistence of two different cultures and the stimulus of the Italian Renaissance led to a flourishing of letters and the arts in Candia and Crete in general, that is today known as the Cretan Renaissance.


Greek flag

The picturesque Venerato village, located 15 km from Heraklion, was in the 16th-century the resort of the Venetian lords.
It was so pleasant for them to stay here, that they built several mansions for the Venetian nobles.

Today, several of these residences are still surviving …

The village of Venerato has almost 1000 inhabitants, is only 15 minutes drive from the capital Heraklion (15 km), offers its visitors 2 taverns, 5 bars, 3 supermarkets, a butcher, a cheese shop, two hairdressers, a beauty center, a pharmacy, a gas station, 4 churches, 2 schools and several workshops of small artisans.

Venerato view
Venerato view

Of great importance, 1 km from Venerato is the Paliani Monastery, the oldest monastery in Crete, a female monastery dating back to the Byzantine era, a pilgrimage destination for Cretans, Greeks, and tourists.

It is said that the icon of the Panagia (i.e. Virgin Mary) Mirtidiotissa was found in the root of the large myrtle in the south-east of the church. It is also said that the icon is surrounded by the trunk of the myrtle and can be seen only by children.

Monastero Paliani entrance
Monastero Paliani
Paliani Monastery Myrto

The Venerato gorge takes place between the monastery and the village: a very small gorge, 500 meters long and of natural beauty. The sides of the gorge are narrow in some places and sometimes even the walls seem to touch, they also host small waterfalls of the Apollonas river that crosses it all year round.

An International Symposium of Sculpture is organized almost every year in the Venerato Sculpture Center, where artists from different regions of Greece and the world can create and exhibit their works of art.

Just 1/2 km from Venerato are the villages of Dafnes, Kerasia, and Avgeniki with various services available to travelers. The village of Agia Varvara, the biggest in our area, is 7 km from Venerato and has various banks, restaurants, bars and much more…

The international airport “N. Kazantzakis ”of Heraklion is 20 km from the village of Venerato and from our houses.


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