A boutique winery is a small winery, usually producing less than 10,000 cases per year, which, with a strong dedication and emphasis on terroir and great passion and care on the part of small teams, produces quality artisanal wines with selected grapes and generally organically grown.

For our wine list we have selected two great small wineries that have thrilled us with their history and their wines, and which, united by the character of production craftsmanship, are capable of putting authentic and territorial wines into bottles:


Iliana Malihin, young and talented oenologist from Crete, founder of the winery of the same name in Melambes, who in addition to producing quality wines with native varieties of the island such as Vidiano and Liatiko, has always been committed to safeguarding and promoting the history, character and the terroir of her territory of Rethymno, while enhancing traditions and innovation.


Nikos Stathoglou is the founder and owner of Moinoterra winery in Archanes, a passionate and innovative winemaker who wants to create wines that express the terroir and history of the Minoan land.

The choice of Archanes is not random, because it is precisely here that the history of Cretan wine began… And it is from the Minoan civilization that the winery is inspired, both in name and symbol, respecting nature and local traditions .

A place to experience and enjoy the life

A place to experience
and enjoy the life