In the Bel Paese, Italy, talking about wine means dealing with the very identity of a people, with its millenary history, its values and its lifestyle.

Italy is one of the oldest wine countries in the world. When, around 1000 BC, the Greeks introduced the vine in the south of the country, the Etruscans continued to cultivate them further north.

Italy was so suited to wine that the Greeks called it “Enotria”, the land of wine.

Italian vines all have typical traits, a unique character and a completely personal history. Italian vines are influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which allows for the cultivation of different varieties of red and white grapes.

Italy is one of the countries with the largest number of indigenous wines. In Italy, 545 wines indigenous varieties and 182 table vine varieties are currently registered. Worldwide there are more than 1300 indigenous wines varieties alone.

In Italy, production reaches fifty million hectoliters a year, the highest in the world.

We at Blue Kipos 67 offer in our Italian wine list a small selection of the best known and most appreciated Italian wines from small local producers.


The Italian wine list

The Italian

wine list

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A place to experience and enjoy the life

A place to experience
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